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Well, my dear friend Mr. Jack Trimpey responded to my last e-mail with this:


I don’t offer unsolicited advice. However, I do ask questions, and you didn’t answer this one, “What is your plan for the future use of alcohol and other drugs? Are you going to use again in this lifetime, or are you not?” That leads me to believe you’re holding out for yummy relapses whenever you really feel like it. Please correct me if I’m wrong.


Jack Trimpey   

And I couldn’t help myself, I wrote back with this:

You have some serious issues I believe you need to work on, Mr. Trimpey.  Not everyone is walking around as a victim. Not everyone wants to remain in addict mode.  Even your way makes every day a day in which an addict must decide what to do.  I am no longer an addict.  I do not have to make that choice.  That life is over; that person is dead.  I am sorry that you feel the need to be confrontational and accusatory.  Does that make you feel better, or do you think it will get me to buy your book?

The ball is in your court now, Mr. Trimpey!

copyright 2011, meg marlowe


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