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My favorite crazy man came back for another stab, and I rose to the challenge.  Poor Mr. Trimpey.  He has no idea of the beasts he battles!

Jack Trimpey to me


My apologies! I assumed you had some knowledge of AVRT, which apparently you do not. Your hostility is of the Beast, exposed. It was really conspicuous in the page you wrote below, so I felt free to reply with the Big Question that always smokes out the Beast. You needn’t take it personally, as I know nothing of you, and I hope to keep it that way. Of course, the Beast is reflexive, and bites strangers. Drink very carefully, considering your history of pleasure addiction. Even small amounts of alcohol will impair your judgment, inviting excess. 

Cheers, really, 

Jack Trimpey


 Reply Forward 

OMG what is wrong with you??? I haven’t had a drink in three and a half years, and don’t plan to!  My life’s mission to help others reach that same goal.  You had better take a reality check, and please, stop with the condescension and especially STOP with those STUPID phrases you have created to control others and this stupid disease that you insist on making others carry with them!  They do not have to!  They CAN be free!  You are really no better than the Twelve Steppers.  I am sorry I found that out, another myth exploded for me.  Such is life, though.  It enables me to move on in my journey. 

Please reconsider this dangerous theory of yours.  I cannot play your crazy way, so I am done.  I feel sorry for those who cross your path. 



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